Paper-to-Digital For Ambulatory Surgery Centers

Notable Systems, premier provider of paper-to-digital (P2D) data capture and document management, presents P2D-M medical charts systems for ASCs.

The Intimacy of Paper with the Power of Computers
NOTABLE’s   patient chart management system converts handwritten input into structured digital information that can be searched, analyzed, and imported directly into EHR and billing systems.
Notable’s P2D-M provides:

  • Search, sort, and analysis of paper patient charts
  • Performance reporting of facilities, staff, and physicians
  • Automated chart auditing

Daily Workflow

gives an ASC that uses paper for clinical charting complete computer access to those charts, without changing the ASC’s forms or workflow.

1. Print Notable Patient Labels

2. Fill Out Patient Charts

3. Scan Completed Charts

4. Automated Error Flagging

5. Handle Exceptions

6. Digital Ready!

Utilize Operating Rooms Efficiently

With quicker, more accurate information about operating room turnover times and usage, the ASC can make better process and clinical decisions to reduce costs, increase cases and revenue, and improve patient care.

P2D-M System Capabilities


Permanent Digital Storage


Digital Access, Search, and Filtering


Utilization, Performance, and Quality Reports


Data with Scheduling, EHR and Billing Systems


Chart Auditing

Automatic chart completion and error flagging

Digital Access

Electronic copies of paper charts stored economically

Search & Sort

Patient charts easily and quickly accessed by computer

Clinical Data Collection

CMS ASCQR data and user-defined clinical quality measures

Analysis & Visualization

Facility utilization, staff productivity, service quality measured

Scheduling System Interface

Basic patient information pre-populates P2D-M labels

Analytic Reporting from Your Paper Forms

Customizable reports on demand:

Operating Efficiency Reports

  • Utilization
  • Turnover Time
  • Surgical Case Volume
  • Surgeon Efficiency

Clinical Quality Reports

  • ASCQR Measures
  • Custom Clinical Measures

Patient Satisfaction Reports

  • Patient Encounter Timeline
  • Satisfaction Checks

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