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Notable Systems

Notable combines the speed of automated processing with the accuracy of double or triple key human review, to create the fastest, most accurate document digitization platform in the world.

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How it works.

Our proprietary algorithms scan your documents, validate information on a field-by-field basis according to your rules and workflows, and automatically integrate the digitized data into your business systems – all in second or minutes!




Upload your documents or automatically send them via Notable's API.




Notable validates data according to your business rules and standard formats like SSN, DOB, US Mailing Addresses, etc.).



Extracted, validated data is delivered to your business system(s) via Notable's APIs, and custom alerts and warnings can be provided for missing or inaccurate data.

Easy Access

Our system accepts all types of documents–scanned, faxed, PDFs, emails, etc.–via our API interface. Get us the document, and we will get you the data you need!


Quick Turnaround

Manually entering data can take days or weeks to get right. With Notable, it takes minutes. Once your document is uploaded, Notable uses a series of algorithms to properly format the image file, identify critical information, extract digital data from handwritten or printed text, and audit the data for compliance with your business rules.


Implement Your Rules and Workflows

Documents include specific rules or workflows. Order forms might require signatures in two places, and other forms might require that certain fields use specific formatting. Some forms may have logic that says if a certain field contains ‘this’, another field must contain ‘that’. Whatever your rules, Notable can implement them and automatically check for compliance when your document is processed.


Real-time Notifications

If a document does not adhere to your rules, Notable can automatically notify you in real time–for example, emailing a sales rep in the field that the order form they just uploaded is missing a signature, or notifying your compliance department that an incoming document needs additional information before it can be processed.


Integration with Your Systems

Once your documents have been digitized and audited, Notable will automatically integrate the data with your business systems. For example, fields from handwritten order forms can be uploaded into your billing platform or patient information from an intake form can be integrated directly with your EHR.