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How Intelligent Data Extraction Can Help Cut Labor Costs

Cut Costs. Enhance Efficiency. Empower Your People.

Are you outsourcing data extraction tasks to a third party or paying your people to perform this menial labor?

Either way, you’re sinking money into a manual process that could be automated.

In this guide, we explain:

  • Cover of How Intelligent Data Extraction Can Help Cut Labor Costs EbookThe downsides of manual data extraction.
  • How intelligent data extraction works.
  • The difference between intelligent data extraction and document digitization.
  • How intelligent data extraction enhances labor efficiency.
  • The applications of intelligent data extraction in healthcare, wealth management, and law.

Download your copy and start eliminating wasted labor costs by enhancing your approach to data!


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“Enovis can now send—within minutes—emails to our hundreds of sales personnel around the U.S., letting them know if an order is 100 percent complete or if more data is required.”

—Birt Stem, Vice President of Automation/Sales Solutions of Enovis.