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Durable Medical Equipment Case Study

Read how Apira leverages Notable Systems across 380 branch locations.

We Understand DME

When it comes to ensuring accuracy and enhancing efficiency, leading DME providers come to us. Check out our Apria case study and let the results speak for themselves.

Apria Healthcare
Case Study

Notable’s AI-assisted Data Entry automates antiquated document processing

Notable System’s solutions, such as Data Extraction, Page Indexing, and Automated Document Routing, can process thousands of pages within seconds, enabling clients to spend less time on manual back-office tasks and more time serving their customers!

Automate Manual Tasks

Don’t waste time manually entering data into your systems.

Reduce Turnaround Time

Digitize your data in seconds. Make decisions faster.

Increase Accuracy

Avoid the costly downstream effects of data entry errors.

Leverage Your Workflows

Notable applies your rules and workflow to get the results you need, fast!

See how one of the world’s largest medical device companies uses Notable Systems to process and digitize thousands of orders daily, dramatically increasing revenues and speeding collections.


7 - 15 Days

Slow Turnaround


Low Accuracy

Lost Revenue


11 mins

Fast Turnaround


High Accuracy


Recovered Revenue

We help businesses in any industry solve their document problem.

Information is more than just words or numbers on a page. Context matters. Notable can extract any data from any document. For example, we:

Upload and audit handwritten medical forms

Rapidly process and audit medical device orders, including handwritten prescriptions, demographic/payer information and medical records.



Digitize financial reporting data

Extract and validate data from financial statements and documents.





Process hybrid forms

Streamline your clinical trial data collection process by using Notable Systems to convert physician notes, patient-filled forms, charts, etc. into digital information. Extract and validate data in any form–structured, unstructured, typewritten, even handwritten!



What Our Customers Are Saying

“We have been so impressed by Notable’s excellent customer support and just how quickly and dramatically we’ve been able to see results.”

Lindsey Moon

Director of Support Services

“There's a significant man-hour reduction. Notable saves us five minutes a statement.”

Dave Griesbauer

Director of Business Intelligence

“Enovis can now send—within minutes—emails to our hundreds of sales personnel around the U.S., letting them know if an order is 100 percent complete or if more data is required.”

Birt Stem

Vice President of Automation/Sales Solutions

We can now alert, within minutes, our hundreds of sales personnel around the U.S., letting them know if an order is 100% complete or if more data is required. This allows us to get patients the products they need much sooner. In addition, we are spending more time serving clients and less time chasing down data and completing paperwork. In the end, we are increasing our sales and capturing revenue faster."
VP, Automation/Sales Solutions, Major Medical Device Company